Selima Optique Partners with
Tamerlaine Sanctuary & Preserve

Supporting the rescue and conservation efforts for countless animals for generations to come.

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 Selima Optique is thrilled to invite you to join us in supporting Tamerlaine Sanctuary & Preserve, a nonprofit that cares for over 200 rescued and protected animals on their majestic and historic land. The 336-acre property features historic barns, buildingsm and a 7-bedroom B&B, and is enveloped in beautiful nature, forests, wetland, ponds, and vast fields. Here are some of the ways we invite you to support the animal protection and conservation work at Tamerlaine.


Animal Sponsorships

Being the animal advocate and lover that Selima is, what better way to achieve your philanthropic aspirations than by supporting the amazing companions at Tamerlaine. There are over 200 animals including cows, ducks, chickens, goats, horses, rabbits, turkeys and pigs. While you, unfortunately, won't be able to take one home to your fourth-floor walkup, you will have the opportunity to share your love, if you so choose, by helping sponsor the animal of your choice.

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future animal hospital

The build out of the Tamerlaine Sanctuary Hospital will ensure the sanctuary is able to offer a full range of medical services for the over 200 rescued and protected animals residing at our farm. The facility will provide ample space for protocols and procedures, a quarantine room for sick animals, office space for staff, visiting vets and specialists and the ability to take in more animals over the coming years. The hospital building location is central to the habitats of all the animals and within close proximity to our future medicinal herb garden, also in our 2019 expansion plan. The animal hospital is at the very core of our work and the heart of Tamerlaine Sanctuary’s operations which include: rescue, care, and rehabilitation. We are seeking corporate or individual donors to partner with us to achieve the build out of this incredible and necessary new care facility at Tamerlaine Sanctuary.

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Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

The Tamerlaine Preserve Conservation Program is dedicated to bringing back and protecting native species of plants and wildlife while creating habitat for endangered animals. In 2019 we will be creating a new pollinator habitat for Monarch Butterflies.

The Sanctuary & Preserve has dedicated 26 acres of protected property to the endangered Monarch Butterfly. The property lies on an overgrown vineyard, bordering a large wetland area. It is already abundant in milkweed, the essential food for monarch caterpillars. Also abundant are goldenrod, pokeweed, and many wildflower varieties, all beneficial plants to the species. The Tamerlaine Monarch Visitor Center will be built at the entrance of the sanctuary. Explore beautiful, wandering paths and native wildflower species while learning about the wonders of the endangered Monarch Butterfly.

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Charter Memberships

Tamerlaine offers a rich membership program, featuring perks from business partners, exclusive events at the Sanctuary and in New York City, and priority booking at the revitalizing volunteer farm stay at the rustic and historic home at Tamerlaine. In 2019, our members will have an exclusive invitation to the private opening of our brand new animal hospital. Our members will also be the first to participate in our plans for a conservation program, coming in 2019.

The Charter membership starts at $24o for an individual.

Silver Member: With an annual donation of $1,000 or more, receive the benefits of the charter membership plus your name will be listed on Tamerlaine's wall of honor.

Gold Member: Includes the benefits of the Charter and Gold Memberships. With an annual donation of $2,000 or more, enjoy a complimentary stay during the 'preview season' at the Volunteer Farm Stay this spring/summer.


Impact Donor

How do you want to change the world? There are so many different ways that you can make an impact at Tamerlaine Sanctuary & Preserve. With an annual donation of $5,000 or more, you will have a personally curated partnership with Tamerlaine. There are numerous and significant ways that your impact can be acknowledged. We, at Tamerlaine look forward to collaborating with you one on one to discover what your passion is and how you want to contribute to animal protection, conservation, humane education, or another impact area at Tamerlaine.

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Tamerlaine Development Director Tracey Katof